#RideOn – Agumbe [Day·One]

Clear skies- not a rain bearing cloud in sight. The pre-ride shivers were back on me, taking me longer to get my ass to office. The bull was more enthusiastic that i was, it sprang into life in a single kick on a cold morning.

I dragged through the day at office with puffy eyes and boiling blood just to find Ranjith with a cup of tea to keep his calm. We took frequent breaks to discuss about the weather and road conditions. Ranjith was concerned about his bike skidding at low speeds, which might be bad for long rides through traffic. He had this checked but couldn’t find the reason behind it.

At 3 pm, i finally decided that i couldn’t work anymore. I left Ranjith to his work, bidding bye to colleagues at work. I headed straight to the fuel station just to find Ranjith already fuelled up and airing his wheels. Good, now i wouldn’t have to wait anymore to hit the road. Having mine fuelled up and aired, i hurried back home to have my bags mounted. By 3.45 pm, i was all mounted and geared up, waiting for the call

IMG 1361

Finally, he called. Just to inform me that we have to wait a bit more. In fact, he was having more trouble with this bike. He was leaking air from the front wheel, making it difficult to be tamed. By 4 pm, we hit the road..

The Ride Finally

I badly wanted to reach the overdrive, that feeling where i hear the two sides of my brain talking to each other, the one place where i find bliss. The scorching sun and the blinding traffic wouldn’t go easy on us though. More troubles from Ranjith’s front wheels, may be psychological though, but we had to make a few intermittent stops.

We sped past the Kollam town, avoiding a close call with a bus. At a particular junction, with GREEN for us, Ranjith overtook me and went ahead to overtake a bus, which was moving slow in the left hand side. Suddenly, it turned right at the junction, with Ranjith in its right. Me, having gone through Kollam traffic quite a number of times, knew better though. I stopped at the next junction to find a pale faced, wide eyed Ranjith stopping behind me.

The overdrive did come. The sky turned orangish red by the time we crossed the Kayankulam overbridge. “Monster, a Monster, and it keeps getting stronger” – by Imagine Dragons played in my EarPods.  Indeed, it was getting stronger, taking me miles and asking for more

The averagely rubberised roads turned nasty with unexpected, random and deep potholes. Once i remember, with “Kahaan hu mein” from Highway playing, i saw Ranjith falling prey for a pothole. I laughed out loud seeing this, meanwhile i myself fell into one, a bad one. Yes, my iPhone does know when to play a song, and it went on.. “Kahaan hu mein ab…”

We stopped by Haripad, as we had to get ourselves rehydrated. Nothing better than a Sugarcane juice. We licked our moustaches for the remains for the juice, and back to business. The roads ahead were merciful to us. Without much adventures, we cruised the remaining 140 kms. By 9 pm, we decided to fill ourselves with some veggies, and stopped near Aluva. By 9.45 pm, we reached The Premier Lodge, Chalakudy, the cheapest of the lot we could find. A non-ac 2 bedded room, with a bathroom so small, that you had to stand on top of the closet to take a bath. All I remember was removing my gear and lying down on bed.

IMG 1365

I was sound asleep. A big day tomorrow, as we hit the Athirappally-Valparai-Pollachi-Mettupalayam-Kothagiri route, the one i consider the best route to scratch your knees on the tarmacs



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